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Access control examples

Flexible and secure access control for your premises

We can supply you with the right access control system for your requirements, from simple door entry systems to photo ID systems and body scanners. Our fast and flexible service can have the appropriate system for the type of entrance and premises installed quickly at very reasonable rates. We can also provide you with efficient repair and maintenance to make sure it is always granting access to those you want and keeping out those you don’t.

Access control systems:

  • Single door entry

  • Multi door entry

  • Integrated systems

  • Swipe or proximity

  • Photo ID systems

  • Card reader technology

  • Fingerprint recognition

  • Hand-held body scanners

  • Walk-through detectors

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Fingerprint Authentication System:

Key Features

•Fake Fingerprint Detection (Patented)

•IP65 Weatherproof

•Touch Keypad

•New White Optical Sensor

•Powerful Processor (32bit 400MHz CPU)

•Memory Capacity

•Easy Installation

•2.8” TFT Colour Screen


•Black & White Models Available

•Customised Display

•Goverment Approved